About us

AC Engineering provide consultations on the issues, relating to engineering, energy, technologies and business. We prepare feasibility studies, project proposals and energy systems’ audits. We perform legal, technical and economical assessments of situation/objects.

We perform technical and project implementation supervision of constructed energy facilities’ objects. We prepare territorial planning documents, feasibility studies, threat analyses and initial projects. We perform environmental impact assessments.

Works are performed by assessed project and project part managers and engineers.

Our specialists have experience in cooperating with foreign designers and builders. The perfect knowledge of EU directives helps us to perform most complex projects in due quality and on time. We implement projects by using the latest calculation, designing and drawing software. We use 3D industrial design systems, compliant with the global standards.


Design Management

  • Coordination of technical design preparation
  • Design scheduling and control
  • Verification of design solutions
  • Assisting in optimisation of design proposals


  • Consulting on energy, technology and business related issues.
  • Perform legal, technical and economical assessments of the situation/objects
  • Prepare detailed object implementation plans, objects construction technical specifications and tasks for designing works.

Technical Supervision / FIDIC Engineer Services

  • Technical supervision
  • FIDIC engineer services
  • Control of work quality and technology
  • Assistance in organising works, controlling their quality and schedules.

Construction Management

  • Scheduling of construction works and tenders
  • Preparation of tenders
  • Analysis of tender proposals and preparation of reports
  • Preparation of contracts and control of their implementation
  • Control of project’s finances
  • Project budgeting and control
  • Representation of a client in negotiations with contractors
  • Management of project documentation
  • Arrangement of construction completion procedures on a client’s behalf


JSC Arcus Center

M.: +37064893277
E.: info@acengineering.lt
Antakalnio str. 64, LT-10300 Vilnius